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Blog Commenting

What is Blog Commenting?

Are you looking for an easier way to get incoming links than writing articles?

There's another easy way to get links to your site -- and it's legit -- and free.

All you have to do is comment on blogs.

Here are a few blogs that allow you to include your URL when you make comments. (There's a field for your URL when you enter your name and email address to comment.)

http://www.NicoleOntheNet.com  - My blog
http://www.TheyCallMeWahmmy.com - Arika Lewis' fun WAHM blog
http://www.WhatCanIMakeWithIt.com  - New uses for your food

Of course there are millions of blogs out there. Those are just a few of mine. Find some in your niche and go make some helpful comments. You'll get links back to your website -- and the search engines will love you for it.

Hint: Make sure your comments are useful and they don't read like an ad. Otherwise, you're blog-spamming and your post will likely get deleted.

Have fun!

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