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Blogging for Traffic

What is a Blog?

If you're new to blogs, you might be wondering what a blog is. It's basically a way to have an online diary or journal. BUT, the key is that you can also use it as a free website or as a way to spread the word about your business in a quick easy manner (and on your own schedule) OR to drive traffic to your sales or lead generation website.

So, the next question is ..

What does this have to do with Traffic?

You can use your blog to generate traffic and incoming links to your website.

For instance, if you take a look at my blog at www.NicoleOntheNet.com  There you'll see I oftentimes refer to happenings on ShowMomtheMoney, new content, contests, and ecourses like this one.

That helps me to get traffic to those projects.

Think of how you can use this concept for your business. If you sell cosmetics, then start a blog, talking about beauty.

If you sell Vitamins, start a blog specific to one kind of illness and mention your products throughout the blog.

What would You put on a Blog?

A blog is an easy and free way to stand out from your competition, to develop a relationship with your clients, or to attract new customers.

  • Talk about your field. If you own a site about Dogs, then use your blog to talk about Dogs, give Dog tips and tell Dog jokes.

  • Give your reader Tips about what ever it is your product or service is

  • Special Product Ideas or ways to Use your Products

  • Ways your Service can Help, including free advice.

  • If you sell food, include recipes

  • Got a special going? Go ahead and announce it.

In my opinion, the same rules apply to blogs as apply to newsletters. If your blog is just a sales pitch, don't bother. If, on the other hand, you can provide useful or entertaining information for visitors and subscribers, then you can benefit from a blog.

How do You Start a Blog?

Simply go to www.blogger.com and set up your blog account. It's as easy as that.

Or you can use www.WordPress.org if you'd like to put the blog on your own domain and have the ability to have categories.

If you'd like to add audio, then set up an account at Audio Acrobat (that's what I use) AFTER you set up your Blogger account.

What about Pinging?

Now, I'm not a professional, but basically, you go to 'ping places' and tell them that there's new content on your blog. They will go out to all the blog places (how technical does that sound?!) and tell them that you have new info on your blog. I use and recommend the free service at www.pingomatic.com to ping your blog.

Confused? Here's help --

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