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Business Cards
Are you Using Them?

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Where do You find Cheap Business Cards?

I use these FREE four-color business cards as coupons for my clients and for fillers. They are great to have on hand and you don't feel badly about giving them out because they're free!

What should You Put on Your Business Cards?

Spend TIME ordering your business cards. Make them interesting and valuable. Don't just put your company name on them without saying what your company OFFERS. If I received a Business card from "ACME", I'd probably toss it. If I received a Business Card from "ACME Furniture - The Best Furniture at the Best Prices", I'd be more likely to keep it.

I recommend making your business cards have value, by writing a note on the back or printing a coupon code on them so the person you give it to will hold onto it. Even a poem or nice quote will make your card more likely to avoid the trash.

Ideas to make your Business Cards or Coupons Sticky:
Make your promos “sticky”. Give the recipient a reason to hold onto it.

• If you run a football card trading store, then print your business cards onto a schedule for your local Pro or Semi-Pro football team.
• Turn the card into a fridge magnet.
• Hand-write a note onto them to make them stand out.
• Give out bookmarks, calendars, recipe cards, or notepads with your URL on them.
• Print a quote, tip or inspirational saying on your cards.
• Include a cartoon or joke on your cards.
• Write “for a free gift, stop by” … on your cards, and send them to your mailing list where you can include a freebie when they sign up.

You've got your business cards. Now what do you do with them?

Let them sit in the box and collect dust? Hardly!!

Of course giving your cards to targeted people (with your orders and to leads) is preferable, but you can also do some guerilla marketing and get your cards into the hands of strangers.

  • Leave them behind wherever you go. (Restaurants, Sporting Events, Festivals, etc.)

  • Tack them onto Bulletin Boards.

  • Leave them in Books as Book Marks.

  • Use your creativity and imagination.

  • Find out where people in your target market hang out and leave some cards there. Are you trying to reach Breastfeeding moms? Then, go to a LaLeche meeting and leave coupons there. Is your target market Christian moms? Go to a Christian bookstore or even a prayer group and ask if you can give away some goodies to the members. You’ll get your name in front of exactly the people you’re looking for – which is the goal.


Many other work at home moms will include your samples, fliers, or business cards in with their orders, exposing other people to your company. Order your fillers or coupons here - FREE four-color business cards! An $85 FREE gift!

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