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Don't forget you can get free reprint articles at  and http://www.LadyPens.com whenever you need them. (But these have to be printed with the author bio.)

Free Brandable (or Affiliate) Reprint Articles


PLR Articles

Offering articles and valuable information to your website visitors or your mailing list is a great way to build relationships and get people to come back to your website. Why else would you be here? ;)

I am very pleased to tell you about a brand new site where you can get articles that you can edit and change at will and put them on your blogs, websites or send them in your newsletters.

The only thing you can't do with the articles is submit them to article directories. But, you also don't have to include an author bio with the articles, which is really nice.

The articles are very well written, compared with other services I've tried. In fact, you'll see my shiny face smack dab in the middle of the page with my testimonial.

Each of these links opens in a new window.

Easy PLR Articles - Limited Supply of Niche Articles

PLR Recipes - Receive a large selection of PLR recipes for a great price.

Private Label Articles - A Wide Variety of Niche articles each month.

Natural Mom PLR Articles - Receive PLR articles and recipes for the Natural Crowd. (For EasyPLR visitors only, use code 4B165D for a 10% discount.)

Online Business & Internet Marketing PLR Articles - Receive Marketing PLR articles.

Niche Content - Buy article packs with graphics. Very well-done and a huge variety.

Health & Wellness PLR Articles - Receive Health and Wellness PLR articles on topics such as weight loss, general health, men's health, women's health, issues for children, healthy eating, natural lifestyles.

Finances & Money-Saving & Credit PLR Articles - PLR article topics vary from month to month, but cover things such as: budgeting, mortgages, credit, investment, small business finance and more..

Add Audio

Add Audio To Your Website - Quick and easy way to record audio from your microphone or telephone and put it on your computer. No techie stuff involved.

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