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Online Events or Holidays

Our guest for this lesson is Marie Ynami . You can either read or listen to her advice on how she makes online events & holidays to drive traffic to her websites.

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Drive more traffic to your website by creating an event or holiday

Creating an online event or holiday can help you generate traffic to your website. It is not that difficult. Here are some basic steps that you can follow:

1. Decide what event you want to build up on -
You can celebrate set holidays like Christmas, Valentine's Day or Mother's Day - or, you can declare your own holiday or event. Once you have your event figured out, finalize your dates, and mark your calendar. You can then decide how many days you will run your online event.

2. Figure out a general theme you will have for your online event.
For example: If you were celebrating a Valentine's Day event, your theme may be "Love" or "Ways to Show Love".

3. Plan out your event just like a live event.
You must have a schedule of events - you can have chats, games and contests during your online event. Having a schedule of events available for visitors to view will let them know what to expect from your online event.

4. Start advertising your event well in advance - four weeks in advance is good.
This way, you can have enough time to generate interest and build up excitement for your event. Advertise your event to your friends, mailing list, customers, website visitors, message groups and networks you belong to. If your budget allows, advertise through other websites or ezines, related to your target market.

5. You may want to consider co-hosting the event or partnering up with others.
The more people advertising the event, the more visitors and participants you get. This almost guarantees attendees to your event.

As you start announcing your online event to your potential participants - you will start to generate traffic to your website. The key to remember is being consistent in spreading the word about your event. Let people feel your excitement and enthusiasm. You cannot just send an invitation once or twice and expect a good turn out. If you plan at least four weeks in advance, make sure you announce your event at least once a week. Announce your event to as many people as you can. This is where co-hosting the event or partnering up may be helpful because the more partners you have for the event, the more people you will have to spread the word.

6. On the day of the event, make sure to have a way to capture the email addresses of your visitors and participants.
Have an opt-in list on your site. Invite them to subscribe to your list so that you can continue to be in contact with them even after the event is over.

7. After your event, you can leave some information on your website about how the online event went.
Send a message to your list, post to your groups and networks about your event. This generates some traffic too - especially for those who either missed the event or for those who attended the event and wanted to get a re-cap of the festivities.

Hosting your own online event or celebrating a self proclaimed holiday is fun and could even be profitable. The main thing to remember is to PLAN in advance, make sure you invite others and get ready for traffic.

Article by: Marie Ynami of http://www.mommyfest.com  . Marie has been successfully hosting MommyFest an InterActive Online Convention for moms since 2003. Learn more about Marie by visiting her at http://www.mommycommunity.com  .

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