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Web Seminars for Traffic

Although the name "Web Seminars" can sound a little technical and scary, it's simply a conference call - online. And, the technology makes it simple.

Need Leads And Traffic? Try Web Seminars

Lynette ChandlerIt's a proven technique over the years. Public speaking engagements can help you build your business and sometimes with unexpectedly successful results! But how do you go about securing these engagements? There are a variety of ways - you could volunteer at your local business council, or any local event but why not create your own and do them online for a fraction of the cost.

What Is A Web Seminar?
Web Seminars (sometimes called web conferences) are conference calls delivered primarily through the Internet using a web conferencing service. Participants log in to the seminar through a web page or software provided by the host. When participants successfully join the call, they can hear the speakers, converse with them and others in the room through a microphone attached to their computers, view slides, web pages, video of the speakers and even a virtual white board.

Web Seminars Work
Studies have shown that web seminars can create more leads than traditional methods* and prospects prefer these events because there is less pressure than a traditional in person meeting. When you meet someone in person, you feel obligated to tell that person something when they leave because that person set aside time to travel the distance to meet you.

Web Seminars on the other hand, are often arranged for a large group of people and prospects can attend anonymously if they wish. They can enter and leave the seminar whenever they choose, gather information, learn, digest and decide on their own time.

What Kind of Web Seminars Should You Hold?
You could do a big seminar where you have several speakers talk about problems and solutions your target market may face. You also benefit from the power of group promotion.

You could also hold web seminars on a particular subject that can be repeated every month. This way, you won't have to re-write your presentation each time. You could do different angles for different dates or different market. For example, if you sell candles, you could do "Don't settle for musk during spring cleaning, Bring spring into your home" web seminar or, if you sell time management software, you could do "Time management for realtors", "Time management for students", "Time management for busy moms" web seminar and so on.

Use Your Web Seminar To Build Your List
Don't just hold a web seminar, set up a page to collect names and contact, at the very least an email address so you can follow up with them again. Tell your satisfied customers, newsletter readers, affiliates and people who signed up for the web seminar to invite their friends and colleagues. If you are inviting a special guest, tell your guest to help promote the web seminar as well.

Maximize Your Efforts
Record your web seminar. Many web conferencing software used for web seminars have recording and takes little to no extra effort to do. For example, MeetingOnNow's web seminar software comes included with a record button and it saves your recording into mp3 format on your computer. You can later use the recording as bonuses, giveaways or packaged with other material to create a new product.

How Can All That Bring Traffic To My Web Site?
Remember we talked about asking your customers, affiliates and partners to help promote your seminar? Seminars are a great attraction because of the interactivity and chance for people to get their questions answered on the spot. This brings people to your web site either to find out more or to sign up.

Think of it this way. Seminars are like activities for your web site. If you don't have much going on, people have no reason to return. Seminars give you great excuse to invite people back to your web site.

About the Author:
Lynette Chandler is owner of web conferencing service MeetingOnNow. She's prepared an e-course to show you how Web Conferencing Increase Your Sales. Sign up at - MeetingOnNow

*Source: Unearthing the True Value of Web Seminars and On-Line Events, Wainhouse Research - Andy Nilssen, Andrew Davis

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